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This Web Site is a collection of information and photos of most of  the major tanks of the leading countries from WWII to the present time. Fully tracked self-propelled artillery and anti-tank guns will be included as this Web Site develops. We strive to make it is one of the most comprehensive armor sites on the Web.

Most of  the photographs were taken by the author at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum located in Aberdeen MD. over a span of almost 25 yrs.  Additional photos were taken in NJ at Ft. Dix, the National Guard Training Center, the National Guard Museums at Sea Girt and Lawrenceville. We have also included many fine photos from our viewers which are acknowledged in the "What's New " section. All the material is copyrighted 2000 -2002 and may not be reproduced without the specific written permission of the author.


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In October 2002 , we had  the 250,000th  visitor to view our website in just about  31 months.  We want  to thank everyone who has visited us in this past year. We will  continue to add original photos and accurate specifications and historical remarks to make it an interesting  place to visit for our  next  250,000 visitors.  Thank you from your Webmasters.





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