Semovente M41M
Semovente L40

1995 - Italy Ariete MBT

Armament:          1- 120mm 44 caliber smooth bore gun
                               1 - 7.62mm AA MG
                               1- 7.62mm coaxial MG
Engine:                Fiat, turbocharged, V-12, MTCA  diesel,
                               1200  hp, coupled to a German ZF LSG,
                               3000  automatic transmission
Speed:                  40 mph
Range:                  310 miles
Crew:                    4
Weight:                 59 tons

The Ariete was developed by the Consortium Consorzio lveco Fiat- OTO Melara. Its main gun can fire the same ammunition as the Abrams, Leopard and Leclerc. The gun is fully stabilized by hydraulic servos. The fire control system includes day/night sights for the commander and driver, a laser range finder and a laser detection system. The hull and turret are made of steel and composite armor. Deep fording is possible with preparation.
200 tanks have been ordered with final deliveries in 2002.

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