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Challenger 1
Challenger 2            

1983 - Great Britain Challenger 1 MBT

Armament:             1 - 120mm long L11A5 gun
                                  2 - 7.62mm MG
                                  2 x 5 barrel smoke dischargers
Power Train:          Perkins Engines (Shrewsbury) Condor V-12,
                                   12 cyl diesel, coupled to David Brown Vehicle
                                   Transmission TN37.
Speed:                   34.8 mph
Range:                   279 miles
Crew:                     4
Weight:                  68 tons

Continued development in the Centurion/Chieftain line to produce the Shir/Iran 2 originally planned for Iranian forces. After the Iranian revolution, taken over by the British Army. Much more powerful engine than the Chieftain and equipped with excellent Chobham Armor. Excellent record in Operation Desert Storm. Not one vehicle lost in combat while destroying 300 Iraqi tanks. Total of 420 delivered between 1983 and 1990. Being replaced by Challenger 2. Standard equipment includes thermal sights, gun stabilization NBC system as well as mounting points for external fuel tanks at the rear and Combat Dozer Blade at the front. Upgrades include ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) over the front of the hull and passive Chobham armor skirts.

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