Up PzKw I PzKw II Luchs PzKw 35t PzKw III Ausf E PzKw III Ausf N PzKw III Aus L PxKw IV w 75 PzKw IV Exp PzKw IV Aus F2 PzKw VI Tiger PzKw V Panther G PzKw V Panther A Panther II PzKw VI Tiger II SP 4.7cm AT Gun Nashorn Marder II Marder III 7.62cm Marder III 7.5 Elephant Hetzer Panzerjaeger IV 70 Jagdpanther Jagdtiger SP Howitzer 10.5cm StuG III 7.5cm StuG III 10.5cm StuG 10.5  StuH42 SP 15cm Howitzer Grille 15cm How Wespe Sturmtiger Hummel



Great Britain
Germany 2
Soviet Union


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                    1934    PzKw I                Panzer I Light Tank
                    1935    PzKw 35(t)        Czech LT-35 Light Tank
                    1938    PzKw II               Panzer II Light Tank 
                    1943    PzKw II               Ausf L  Luchs          
                    1939    PzKw III              Ausf E Medium Tank
                    1942    PzKw III              Ausf L Med. Tank with 50mm long gun
                    1943    PzKw III              Ausf N Med. Tank with 75mm short gun
                    1941    PzKw IV             Medium Tank with 75mm short gun
                    1943    PzKw IV              Exp. Medium Tank with hydraulic trans
                    1942    PzKw IV              Ausf F2 Med. Tank with long 75mm gun
                    1942    PzKw VI              Tiger I Heavy Tank with 88mm gun
                    1943    PzKw V               Panther Model G Heavy Tank
                    1943    PzKw V               Panther Model D Heavy Tank
                    1943    PzKwV                Panther II (Experimental)
                    1944    PzKw VI              Tiger II (King Tiger) Heavy Tank

                             Self- Propelled Anti-Tank Guns
                    1941SP AT 4.7cm           4.7cm PaK(t) AT Gun
                    1942 SP AT 8.8 cm .      "Nashorn" - Rhinoceros
                    1942 SP AT 7.5 cm        Marder II "Marten II"
                   1942 SP AT 7.62 cm      Marder III mounting a 7.62 Russian gun
                    1942  SP AT 7.5cm        Marder III 
                    1943 SP AT 8.8 cm        "Elephant" , "Ferdinand", "Jag Tiger"
                    1944 SP AT 7.5 cm        "Hetzer" 
                    1944 SP 7.5cm                Panzerjaeger  IV/70           
                    1944 SP AT 8.8 cm         Jadgpanther
                    1944 SP AT 12.8cm       Jadgtiger

                            Self-Propelled Artillery and Assault Guns
                    1942 SP How.10.5cm      "Grasshopper"
                    1942  SP 7.5cm                  StuG III Ausf G
                    1943  SP How 10.5cm       StuG III
                    1943  SP How 10.5cm       StuG III StuH42
                    1943 SP  How 15cm           Brummbar "Grizzly Bear"
                    1943 SP  How  15cm          Grille "Cricket"
                    1943 SP  How 10.5cm        Wespe
                    1943 SP 38cm Rocket        Sturmmorser Tiger
                    1944 SP How  15 cm          Hummel "Bumble Bee"