Jagdpanzer Kanone
Leopard 1
Leopard 2            

1965 - Germany Jagdpanzer Kanone Jpz 4-5

Armament:          1 - 90mm gun
                              1- 7.62mm MG
                              1-7.62mm AA MG
Engine:                 MTH MB837, V-8, water-cooled diesel, 500 hp
Speed:                 43 mph
Range:                 249 miles
Crew:                   4
Weight:               27 tons

In the late 1950's, the German Army began to rearm and developed 3 vehicles as members of a family. These were the Jagdpanzer Kanone, Jagdpanzer Rakete and Marder MICV. The role of the Jagdpanzer is to hunt enemy tanks. It relies on a low silhouette and speed for survival. The 90mm gun is slightly offset to the right. This is the same gun used in the U.S. M-47, M-48 tanks. It has a very high road speed both in forward and reverse. This assault gun resembles the WWII Sturmgeschutz IV, a low set machine with a powerful gun in a ball mantle. A total of 370 were  
built. Also used by the Belgian Army.

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