Jagdpanzer Kanone
Leopard 1
Leopard 2            

1979 - Germany Leopard 2 MBT

Armament:          1- smooth bore 120mm L55 gun
                             1 - coaxial 7.62mm MG
                             1 - 7.62mm AA MG
Engine:                 MTU  MB 873, 12 cyl, diesel, 1500 hp, coupled to a
                              Renk HSWL 354 automatic transmission
Speed;                44.6 mph
Range;                341 miles
Crew:                  4
Weight:               61 tons

Following the cancellation of the joint MBT-70 tank, Germany went on to
develop the Leopard 2 MBT. First prototypes were armed with a 105mm gun and 120mm guns. In 1977, the 120mm smooth bore gun was selected (later used in the Abrams M1A1 and M1A2). The gun was developed by Rheinmetall GmbH of Ratingen, Germany. It can use the new APFSDT-round with a longer rod penetrator. Purchased by both the Swiss and Swedish armies. Standard equipment includes laser rangefinder, thermal imaging, NBC defense system and amphibious capability. It is also equipped with a Global Positioning System and an Inertial Navigation System. The more powerful engine results in better cross country mobility than the Leopard 1.

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