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1942-U.S.A. M12 Gun Motor Carriage

Armament:      1 - 155mm gun, M1917 or M1918
Armor:             10mm - 25mm
Engine:           Continental, R975-C1, 9cyl. radial, air cooled, gas,
Speed:           24 mph
Range;           140 miles
Crew:              6
Weight:           29.5 tons

This was one of the earliest SP weapons of WWII. It mounted a 155mm gun on the M3 Tank chassis. The engine was moved forward to provide a working space at the rear of the hull. In this space, the WWI Model M1917 or M1918 155mm gun was mounted. The rear of the hull carried a heavy spade which was lowered to the ground before firing to absorb recoil. About 100 M12s were built and put into storage. In 1943, with the invasion of Europe being planned, 74 were refurbished and put into service. It proved to be a powerful
and effective weapon providing support to fast moving armored columns. It could demolish German tanks and was greatly feared by the enemy. It could be used in a direct fire support role. When the 155mm rounds were fitted with concrete piercing fuses, they could penetrate up to 6 feet of concrete before exploding. The Artillery Board asked for more but this was not possible since the supply of WWI 155mm guns was exhausted.

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