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1945- U.S.A. M40 Gun Motor Carriage "Long Tom"

Armament:        1 - 155mmM1A1 gun
Armor:               12mm - 100mm
Engine:             Continental, R975-C4, 9 cyl. radial, gas, 395 hp
Speed:             24 mph
Range:             100 miles
Crew;                8
Weight:             42 tons

After WWII, a newly designed SP 155mm GMC was required to replace the M12. Two pilot models were made using the latest Sherman M4 chassis with HVSS suspension, a wide 23" track carrying the powerful M1A1 155mm gun on a pedestal mount. The gun was interchangeable with the 8" howitzer. A heavy spade was attached to the rear to absorb recoil. Although crew protection was minimal, it proved to be an excellent weapon. It was known by the nickname "Long Tom" and was standardized as the M40 in 1945. It arrived in Europe at the end of WWII and participated in the bombardment of Cologne. It remained in service after WWII and served in the U.S.  artillery in Korea and by the French in Indochina. A total of 311 were built.

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