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1952 -U.S.A. M42 SP AA Gun System "Duster"

Armament:           2 - 40mm automatic guns M2A1
                              1 - 0.30" MG
Armor:                  12mm - 25mm
Engine:                Continental, ADS895-3, 6 cyl. horizontally opposed,
                                supercharged gas, 500 hp
Speed:                45 mph
Range:                100 miles
Crew:                   6
Weight:                22.1 tons

The Korean War showed that a SP AA Gun was still needed and that it had a valuable secondary role as an infantry support assault gun. As a result, a new design was developed using the M41 "Walker Bulldog" chassis. The twin gun turret was designed to fit into the hull turret ring without any modification to the turret. The driver and radio operator were located in the front of the hull with the engine and transmission at the rear. Turret had full 360 traverse. The twin 40mm cannons were recoil operated and could fire singly or on fully automatic mode. Ammo was fed in clips with a rate of fire of 120 rounds/minute. A total of 3,700 were built and were widely adopted by other countries. The M42A1 model was standardized in 1956. It had a fuel injected engine, ADSI-895-5, giving it a 20% increase in range.

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