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1953 -U.S.A. M44 SP 155mm Howitzer

Armament;         1 - 155mm howitzer M45
                            1 - 0.50" AA MG
Armor:                12.7mm
Engine;               Continental, AOSI 895-5, fuel injected, 6cyl., air
                              cooled, 500 hp
Speed:                25 mph
Range:                75 miles
Crew ;                 5
Weight:               31 tons

This SP howitzer replaced the M41 155mm SP howitzer. It had all welded construction. Transmission is a GM Allison cross drive. Development began in concert with the development of the M41 Walker Bulldog Tank. A major change placed the rear track idler wheel on the ground to provide support against shock. A rear spade was added. Engine and transmission were moved up front and a fighting compartment was erected on the rear hull with an open roof and a bow and tarp removable cover. The rear was closed by swinging cartridge racks which acted as doors and a working platform. It can fire an HE projectile weighing 43.88kg to a distance of 14,600 meters with an M4A1 charge. Rate of fire is about 1 round/minute. The later variant, M44A1, used a fuel injected engine. A total of 608 were built. Last of SP Artillery with an open top compartment.

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