M7 Priest
M7B1 Priest
M8 SP Howitzer
M4 105mm
M37 SP 105mm
T92 SP 240mm
M43 SP Howitzer
M41 SP Howitzer
M44 SP Howitzer
M50 Ontos

1944-U.S.A. M4 Medium Tank (105)

Armament:        1 - 105mm howitzer M4
Engine:             (M4A3) Ford, GAA, V-8, gas, 500 hp
Speed:             20 mph
Range:             130 miles
Crew:               5
Weight:             35 tons

In 1943, the Army decided to arm M4 Shermans with 105mm howitzers to act as close support artillery in the same role as the M7 Priest. This was easily done by modifying the barrel of the standard 105mm M2 howitzer to fit a mount interchangeable with the 75mm mount. M4A3s were similarly converted. The M4E5 used a new light gun which could be operated more easily from the turret later standardized as the 105mm howitzer M4. The goal was to produce a weapon with a hard hitting 105mm howitzer and the mobility and security of a medium tank to replace the M8 SP howitzer. Power traverse and gun stabilization were deleted for simplicity but much later restored due to crew complaints. The first M4s were delivered in February 1944 followed by M4A3s in May 1944. A total of 4,680 were produced.

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