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1954 -U.S.A. M52 105mm SP Light Howitzer

Armament:         1 - 105mm M49 Howitzer
                           1-0.50" (12.7mm) AA MG
Engine:               Continental, AOS-895-3, 6 cyl., supercharged, gas
                                500 hp
Speed:               35 mph
Range:              100 miles
Crew:                 5
Weight:              25 tons

The M7 and M37 were both open topped vehicles and in the "atomic age". It was decided the vehicles should have protection against nuclear blast. Work began in 1948. The first model was equipped with the 105mm howitzer. The components of the M41 Light Tank were used. The rear track idler was placed on the ground to better resist firing shock, since no recoil spade was used. The engine and transmission were moved to the front of the hull. The rear of the hull supported a large turret which could transverse 60 degrees either side of center. Elevation and traverse were manual. The crew and driver were in the turret. Hatches were provided in the roof. A total of 684 were built. Also in service with Belgium, Greece, Japan and Jordan.

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