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1952 -U.S.A. M53 (T-97) 155mm SP Gun

Armament:            1 - 155mm M46 gun
                               1 - 0.50" MG
Armor:                   15mm max.
Engine:                 Continental, AV-1790-5B, V-12 gas, 810 hp
Speed:                 30 mph
Range:                 160 miles
 Crew: 6
Weight: 42 tons

"If it's going to be better, it must be bigger " appeared to be the concept behind the new generation of Army large bore weapons in the 1950s. The T-97 standardized as the M53 in 1952 was one of the largest and heaviest vehicles fielded in the post-war period. Weighing almost 100,0001bs. combat loaded, it was over 32 feet long. An 8" howitzer version was prepared on the same chassis which shared many components with the M48 Medium Tank. The last road wheel served as a trailing idler. Torsion bar suspension was used. The driver sat in the left front of the fighting compartment while the commander's hatch and 0.50"MG were on the right side. A GM AIlison cross drive transmission was used. Hydraulic power moved the gun in elevation and the entire cab in azimuth + or -30 degrees of center. There were many changes throughout the production span of 1952 until 1953.

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