Up KV1 KV-1C T-34 T34/76B T-34/85 T-34/85-II IS-2 JS III SU-76 SU-100 SU-100 L Gun ISU-152 T 10 T54 T-55 BTR-60 T-62 PT-76 BRDM-2 T-64 2-S1 T-72 BMP-2 T-80 T-90



Great Britain
Germany 2
Soviet Union


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                 1939    KV-1 Heavy Tank                   With 76mm gun
                 1941    KV-1C                                      Improved KV-1
                 1940    T34 Medium Tank                  With 76.2mm gun 
                 1942    T 34/76B                                  Modified T34                      
                 1944    T34/85 Medium Tank             With 85mm gun
                 1947    T34/85-II Medium Tank          With 85mm gun late model
                 1943     IS 2 Heavy Tank                    With powerful 122mm gun
                 1945    JS III Heavy Tank                    With powerful 122mm gun
                 1942    SU-76 S/P Gun                       With 76.2mm gun
                 1943     SU-100 S/P Gun                    With 100mm gun 
                 1944     SU-100 S/P Gun                    With long 100mm gun
                 1943     ISU-152 S/P Gun                   Heavy Assault Gun
                 1952     T10                                          Heavy Tank
                 1950     T54                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1961     T55                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1961     BTR60PB                               APC 8X8 Wheeled
                 1963     T62                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1960      PT-76 Model 2                      Amphibious Lt. Tank
                 1966      BRDM-2                                 Amphibious Scout Car
                 1967     T64                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1968      2-S1                                       Amphibious SP Howitzer
                 1973     T72                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1974     BMP2                                      Infantry Fighting Vehicle
                 1978     T80                                          Main Battle Tank
                 1993     T90                                          Main Battle Tank