PzKw I
PzKw 35t
PzKw III Ausf E
PzKw III Ausf N
PzKw III Aus L
PxKw IV w 75
PzKw IV Exp
PzKw IV Aus F2
PzKw VI Tiger
PzKw V Panther G
PzKw V Panther A
Panther II
PzKw VI Tiger II
SP 4.7cm AT Gun
Marder II
Marder III 7.62cm
Marder III 7.5
Panzerjaeger IV 70
SP Howitzer 10.5cm
StuG III 7.5cm
StuG III 10.5cm
StuG 10.5  StuH42
SP 15cm Howitzer
Grille 15cm How

1942 - German SP Assault Gun StuG III Ausf G with 7.5cm Gun
(SdKfz 142/1) mounted on PzKw III chassis

Armament: 1 - 75mm gun StuK 40 L/48
                      1 - 7.92mm MG
Engine:       Maybach,HL 120 TRM,V-12 gas, 300 hp
Speed;        24 mph
Range:      102 miles
Crew:        4
Weight:     26 tons

The armor of the earlier StuG was increased and a longer 7.5cm L/48 Kanone mounted to regain superiority over the new Russian tanks. Same hull and superstructure as the Ausf E. Equipped with the more powerful L/48 gun capable of tackling tanks. Low silhouette is an advantage. Effective weapon/vehicle combination. Relatively cheap and easy to build. Over 7700 were built. Ausf G was the last production series of the StuG. Originally designed for infantry support, the up-gunned versions of the StuG III were used in an anti-tank role. Lacking a turret, the assault gun needed only a 4-man crew. The main gun was mounted to a fixed superstructure installed on the chassis of a Panzer III tank. Overall height was only 6' 5". It had heavier armor protection than the Panzer III or IV. It was a new type of fighting vehicle. More were produced than any other German AFV.

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