M7 Priest
M7B1 Priest
M8 SP Howitzer
M4 105mm
M37 SP 105mm
T92 SP 240mm
M43 SP Howitzer
M41 SP Howitzer
M44 SP Howitzer
M50 Ontos

1945 -U.S.A. T-92 240mm SP Howitzer
 T-93 8" Gun Motor Carriage

Armament:          T-92 1-240mm M1 howitzer
                             T-93 1 -8" M1 gun
Engine:                Ford, GAF V-8, gas, 500 hp with a torquematic
Speed:                15-20 mph
Range:                 50 miles
Crew:                   8
Weight:                66.3 tons (T-93)
                              63.5 tons (T-92)

These were the heaviest SP guns built in the U.S. The chassis for these monsters was from the M26E3 Pershing Heavy Tank. The 240mm MI howitzer was still in inventory as a towed weapon. Despite its large size and weight, the 240mm howitzer was adaptable to a motorized mount. The same chassis was used for either the 8" gun (T-93) or the 240mm M1 howitzer  (T92)which were interchangeable. The 240mm howitzer fired a 360 lb projectile 14 miles. All loading was done by manpower with a rate of I round/3 minutes. Ammunition was separate loading. A hydro pneumatic recoil and equilibrator system softened the recoil. An immense cable operated rear spade was mounted to help absorb recoil shock. No ammo was carried aboard. It relied on a T31 cargo carrier to do the job. A 23" wide track was used and 7 road wheels were suspended by torsion bars. The objective was to provide  mobile heavy artillery for the invasion of Japan. With the end of the war, a contract for 115 T-92s and 58 T-93s was cancelled and only 5 T-92s and 2 T-93s were built by Chrysler.

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