Up M3A1 Stuart III M2A1 M3A1 Med M3 Grant M4 Sherman M5 w Amph Gear M5 Lt Tank M7 Lt/Med Tank M6A2 Exp M4 w Flamethrower M4 w Duplex Drive M4 w Rocket L M4A3 Sherman M24 Chaffee M26 Pershing M22 Light Tank M10 GMC M36 Slugger M18 Hellcat M18 Modified Hellcat M41 Walker Bulldog M46 Patton M47 Patton M48 Patton 2 M48A2C M48A3 M48A5 M103 Heavy T. M60 MBT M60A1 MBT70 M551 Sheridan M60A2 M60A3 M1 Abrams M2 Bradley Bradley M2A2 M1A1 Abrams M108 SP Gun M1A2 Abrams



Great Britain
Germany 2
Soviet Union


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             1941    M3 Light Tank                    Stuart  British "Honey" 
             1939    M2A1 Med Tank                Precursor to M3 , M4            
             1943    M3 Medium Tank               US & British Grant/Lee
             1941    M3A1 Medium Tank          General Grant
             1942    M4 Medium Tank               Sherman
             1942    M5 Light Tank                     With amphibious gear
             1942    M5 Light Tank                    Successor to M3
             1941    M7 Lt/Med. Tank                Proposed successor to M5
             1941    M6A2 Heavy Tank             Experimental
             1942    M4 Medium Tank               Sherman with flame thrower
             1943    M22 Light Tank                   Locust Airborne Delivery
             1944    M4A2 Medium Tank          Sherman III with Duplex Drive
             1944    M4 Medium Tank               Sherman w/rockets
             1945    M4A3 Medium Tank          Sherman late model
             1943    M24 Light Tank                  Chaffee
             1945    M26 Heavy Tank                Pershing
             1943    M10                                     Gun Motor Carriage
             1943    M18 Hellcat                        Gun Motor Carriage
             1943    M36 Slugger                      Gun Motor Carriage
             1943    M88 Modified Hellcat        Howitzer Motor Carriage.   
             1951    M41  Light Tank                 Walker Bulldog 
             1949    M46  Combat Tank            Patton              
             1953     M47 Combat Tank            Patton 
             1954     M48 Combat Tank            Patton 2
             1956     M48A2C Tank                   Patton 2
             1963     M48A3 Med Tank             Patton 2
             1975     M48A5 Med Tank             Patton 2 with 105mm gun
             1957     M103 Heavy Tank            With 120mm gun
             1960    M60                                     Main Battle Tank
             1961     M60A1                               Mod. M60
             1965     MBT70                               Joint Venture with W. Germany
             1966     M551                                  Sheridan Assault Vehicle
             1972     M60A2                                M60 with gun/launcher
             1978     M60A3                                Final model of M60
             1978     M1 Abrams                        Main Battle Tank
             1980     M2 Bradley                         Armored Fighting Vehicle
             1981     M2A2 Bradley                    Infantry Fighting Vehicle
             1985     M1A1 Abrams                    Main Battle Tank 
             1962     M108                                   Self-Propelled Gun
             1999     M1A2 Abrams                    Main Battle Tank