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This Web Site is new and will be updated  regularly. The photogallery only contains a small portion of the author's collection. Additional photos with specifications will be added regularly. Check on this page on your next visit to find out what's new.

  If anyone has personal pictures of  MBT's  or AFV's that you would like to submit for consideration for posting to this Web Site, drop us a note in the Comments section or notify us by E-Mail .  We wish to thank Panzer Prints , Auke Smit, C.Kliment, R.Fleming, M.Holloway, Shawn, A.Wilbraham and Andrew Longstaff  for their photo submissions. These images are protected by the copyrights of the contributors and all  their copyrights are reserved. It is only through the help of our viewers that we can achieve our goal of the most comprehensive armor site on the internet.                

                  8/ 5 /02
We have made a major  update to the US , Germany I and II listings. Please see each section for details. The US section has been made essentially complete by addition of the M2A1 Medium Tank in 1939,  the rare M46 Patton  and the  more recent series of M48 Models.  The new Bradleys and  Abrams M1A1 and M1A2 Models were also added,  bringing us up to date. New  original photos have been added to the Stuart, Honey, Abrams M1, Bradley, MBT70, T72, BMP-2, Leopard 1,  Chaffee M24 and the PzKpfw IV. These are restored models recently completed at Aberdeen. The WWII German section has been updated with the Luchs as well as later models of Self Propelled Artillery including the rare Sturmmorser,  to essentially complete the line. All of the photos,  except where indicated,  are originals by the author and are new to the Internet. Also, several corrections were made, thanks to our sharp eyed viewers. Enjoy your visit to our site.

     5/ 15/03
We have added a new section USA 2 listing with new photos of 18  SP Artillery vehicles from WWII onward. In the future, we will complete the list to the present date. We have added the IS 2 and the rare T10 to the USSR  listing.
    All of the armor used in the current Iraqui conflict is available in depth on this web site. See Abrams M1A2, Bradley IFV, Challenger 2, T55 and T72, BMP 2, etc.